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Hunger is a Critical Issue in the Greater Elgin Community

“The food I receive at Food For Greater Elgin is the difference between feeding my children and sending them to bed hungry. Thanks!” Pam

First Responder to Hunger

Food For Greater Elgin recognizes that food is the first step in stabilizing lives. Our organization stands as a buffer from individuals and families falling deeper into the social service system and a preventative measure from economic implications in our community.  Food keeps children healthy and prevents hunger from affecting school performance.  Food ensures productivity in work-places.  Food prevents seniors from costly health implications.

By receiving no cost food from FFGE, individuals are able to pay their rent or mortgage and not lose their homes. By not having to pay for food during a difficult time, individuals are able to put gas in their cars and continue going to work, thus keeping our local communities economically stable.

Offering Innovative Approaches

Client-Choice – Families shop with grocery carts, choosing food items rather than receiving pre-bagged groceries.
Warehouse Environment – Optimal for acquisition of truckloads of food, storage, and client choice floor space.
Full Service – Five client-choice food distributions every week, including weekends and evenings.

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